Merkel: “I don’t see debt haircut for Greece”

In an interview with FAZ on Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “I don’t see [another] debt haircut for Greece…and it always astounds me how carelessly this topic is discussed. Such a step could unleash uncertainty in other parts of Europe.” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble backed her position, insisting another debt write down “won’t happen”.

Meanwhile, the Greek government dismissed the Chairman of the Greek privatisation agency, Stelios Stavridis, for “ethical reasons.” It emerged that Stavridis had travelled on holiday in the plane of a large investor who was recently involved in purchasing a stake in the state gaming monopoly, OPAP – a deal which was done through the privatisation agency and is yet to be fully ratified by the Greek parliament. Separately, the government has also announced it will lift the ban on banks foreclosing on the homes which back bad loans, although the measure may struggle to get parliamentary approval.
(Open Europe Blog)


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