Holidays at Cyprus in light of banking crisis

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
1. Can tourists make payments with credit cards and EC cards

2. Can tourists withdraw money from cash dispensers with their
credit cards and EC cards?

3. Have you noticed bottlenecks in terms of foodstuffs, medications
or gas?

4. Will strikes of the public enterprises, e.g. public transportation
system/ airlines/airport/ferries, be expected?

5. Will museums and sights be opened as usual?

6. Have guest reported of hostilities?

7. Have you had significant cancellations of bookings in the last two

8. Were there any problems with the re-opening of the Banks?

9. Cyprus’ high season is just around the corner. What is the Hotel
Industry forecast for summer season?
The forecast for the summer season was exceptional this year, we
are expecting one of the best years ever. We are sure that when
the «dust settles down» and the work of the banks stabilizes
without any restrictions, the number of bookings will return to the
previous levels with the trend for growth. Already during the
Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter, many tourists spent their
holidays in Cyprus and were happy to share their positive


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