Cyprus and Israel reconfirmed strategic cooperation

The Prime Minister of Israel reiterated his country’s positions of principles on the Cyprus issue, while giving assurances once again that developments in the relations between Israel and Turkey will not affect negatively the relations between Cyprus and Israel, said the Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades, who had a meeting (05.05.2013) with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus had a three days working visit in Israel, accompanied by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mr Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, the Government Spokesman, Mr Christos Stylianidis and other officials.

Receiving President Anastasiades, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he welcomes him «in the spirit of cooperation”.

In remarks to journalists after the meeting, President Anastasiades said:  «Μy visit to Israel constitutes the beginning of a new era in the relations between Cyprus and Israel. We inaugurated a dialogue of strategic significance that intends to further tighten and deepen the relations between the two countries.

During the talks we had the opportunity to exchange proposals that not only lead to the drawing of mutual strategic choices, but which, at the same time, serve in the best possible way the mutual interests of the two countries both at the bilateral level and in the broader region.

At the talks, as expected, emphasis was given to the cooperation with regard to energy issues. Among other things, we confirmed the mutual commitment for the development and exploitation of trans-border deposits. Moreover, we agreed on the activation of idle agreements and the expediting of the completion of pending agreements on issues of health, research and development, technology, culture and fighting terrorism and organized crime.

Of course, and inevitably, our discussion dealt also with the current worrisome developments in the region, with emphasis on the subject of Syria and the risk involved in a possible spreading and spillover of the crisis into the broader region. There was a mutual conviction that Iran needs to get involved in a constructive dialogue in order to conform with its international obligations with regard to its nuclear programme.

In addition, I briefed Prime Minister Netanyahu about the current difficult economic situation of the country, explaining to him at the same time, that I remain committed to the solution of the Cyprus problem according to the relevant resolutions of the UN and the European principles and values. Prime Minister Netanyahu showed full understanding and reiterated the traditional positions of principles of his country on the Cyprus problem, while giving assurances once again that developments in the relations between Israel and Turkey will not – and I emphasize this – affect negatively the relations between Cyprus and Israel.

I want to express my full satisfaction about the results of today’s talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Beyond the new era in the relations between the two countries, what creates the new prospect are also the excellent interpersonal relations that develop, which create the certainty of what we seek, in other words, the constructive, creative and effective cooperation between the two countries. I want to express my thanks once again for the perfect cooperation, but also the understanding of the positions of our side.»


The Cypriot President had, also, a meeting with the President of the Knesset, Mr Yudi Edelstein.

In his remarks to the press after the meeting, President Anastasiades said that “I reiterated to the Speaker of Knesset that they can consider us as the most credible of their neighbours and the best of their friends”.

On his part, Mr Edelstein said: “I can say for both of us that our relations are not dependent upon any political development, for the benefit of our two people of our two countries. We will continue with the further developing of our bilateral relations.”


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