4 consortia expressed interest for EYATH

In an official announcement, the Asset Development Fund informed that 4 consortia expressed interest for the acquisition of a 51% stake in the Thessaloniki water utility EYATH.

With regards to the process going forward, the financial and legal advisors will review the validity of the offers and will submit their proposal to the HRADF Board, which will then decide which consortia will qualify for the next stage of the privatization process, that is the submission of binding bids.

According to a press report (Imerisia), the following consortia expressed interest: French Suez with Greek Aktor Concessions (a subsidiary of Ellaktor), Israeli Mekorot with GEK TERNA and George Apostolopoulos (Founder and Chairman of Athens Medical Group), Greek-Russian entrepreneur Ivan Savvidis (who recently acquired Greek tobacco company SEKAP) and finally, a movement of 136 citizens of Thessaloniki who are against the privatization and suggest a “social mgt” through cooperatives.


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