Cyprus ready to negotatiate with the Troika

Cyprus delivered to the Troika its comprehensive proposal and will invite it to come to Cyprus for a negotiation, the Government Spokesman Mr Stefanos Stefanou (foto) said, noting that there is ample time to reach an agreement with the Troika before the milestone of 12 November.

Speaking to the press, at the Presidential Palace, Mr Stefanou stated: “The Government has worked very intensively all this time in order for us to be fully ready to negotiate with the Troika and have arguments so that Cyprus will be able to achieve a support package that will safeguard the workers’ rights, shield the vulnerable population groups and allow, at the same time, the economy to have a prospect.

The Government has also worked to support growth and that is exactly why it has put together a support package for growth, which is additional to the measures decided last February and the measures on growth included in the 2013 budget. I take note of the issue of growth because it is an issue not addressed by the Troika and not included in the Memorandum. We pointed out to the Troika many times the existent need to support and promote growth, which is included in the latest decisions of the Councils of the EU and it is something that we espouse and put to action”.


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