Retail trade eased 9,2%

According to Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), turnover index in retail trade eased 9,2% y-o-y in May (Apr: -11,6%, Mar: -15,1%) and 8,3% m-o-m. The most notable y-o-y movements were in: retail sale not in stores turnover (down 22,3%), clothing & footwear turnover (down 19,3%), furniture, electrical equipment & household equipment turnover (down 16,9%), and pharmaceutical products & cosmetics turnover (down 15,4%).

It is noteworthy that excl. automotive fuel, turnover index in retail trade slipped 8,8% y-o-y (Apr: -13,2%, Mar: -14,4%) and 5,6% m-o-m.

Furthermore, ELSTAT announced that the retail trade volume index retreated 10.3% y-o-y in May (Apr: -13.5%, Mar: -16.2%) and 7.8% m-o-m. We highlight the y-o-y decline of: clothing & footwear volume by (20,4%), furniture, electrical equipment & household equipment volume by 15,3% and automotive fuel volume by 15,3%. It is noted that excl. automotive fuel, retail trade volume index dropped 9,4% y-o-y (Apr: -14.0%, Mar: -14.3%) and 5.8% m-o-m.

Source: Euroxx Research


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