10 years of the euro – commemorative coin design to be chosen by the public

All citizens and residents of the 17 euro-area Member States can now vote on the design of a new 2-euro coin via the internet. The new euro coin will be issued by all euro-area Member States at the beginning of 2012 to mark the first 10 years since euro banknotes and coins were introduced and the euro became part of people’s daily life. The public can choose between five designs preselected by a professional jury following an open design competition among citizens of all euro-area Member States.

For the first time ever, the design of a euro coin in general circulation will be chosen by a public web vote on the basis of proposals submitted by citizens from all euro-area countries. This is an opportunity for everyone living in the euro area to help choose the design of their own currency. The winning motif will appear on millions of euro coins that will circulate throughout the euro area from the beginning of 2012.

Normally each euro-area Member State issues its own euro coins with a national design on one side. But this time all euro members will issue a single commemorative 2-euro circulation coin with a common design to celebrate 10 years of euro banknotes and coins. Judging by past experience, it can be expected that Member States will together mint some 90 million pieces of this commemorative coin.

A prize of a set of high-value euro collector coins will go to a participant chosen at random from those who voted for the winning design. Voting started on 6 June and will be closed on Friday 24 June 2011. The winning design will be announced on 30 June.


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